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About us

Welcome to the website of the specialists in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

NAV-lab is a network of Solution-Houses all over Italy which, since the 1980, that have provided and managed the information systems, i.e. the management software, of businesses of all sizes operating in various sectors.

The NAV-lab Network comprises selected businesses that operate in the IT market and adopt the same principles and methods.

The distinctive features of the Network partners are:
  • reliability
  • a sound reputation
  • consolidated experience with SMEs with regard to management software / ERP solutions
  • a thorough knowledge of the regions in which they operate
    high skills in management software for different industries
  • willingness to exchange know-how and experience
  • willingness to invest jointly in R&D
  • willingness to carry out joint marketing and commercial activities
This is why our motto is: 
                   NAV-lab: the strength of shared experience

The network comprises 12 companies that cover the whole of Italy for sales, project development and assistance for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) ERP and CRM.

They provide businesses with start-up of projects and precise and timely assistance services for both application and system integration.

Over 300 experts operate in the consortium: the best resources work for the R&S laboratory and have created the Tempo Zero 2009 solution, which is continually being improved.

Tempo Zero 2009 offers tangible added value to customers at and after the start-up stage.

Tempo Zero 2009 is also the basis on which the NAV-lab partners have created specialist solutions for vertical markets in numerous sectors.

The consortium has over 2500 customers, many of which have chosen Tempo Zero 2009 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) and CRM.

Network value

NAV-lab covers over 10% of the Microsoft Dynamics market in Italy.

The value is recognised first and foremost by our customers who already work with Tempo Zero 2009 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They all say that the change-over has helped them tackle today’s market challenges.

Many awards have come locally from Microsoft Italia and internationally from Microsoft Corporate.

The following awards were received in 2010:

Partner internazionale

• Microsoft Italia - MBS Italy Excellence Awards - Best Partner - Customer Adds FY 2010 - NAV-lab -Microsoft Dynamics (on the left in the photo)
• 2010 President's Club - NAV-lab Srl - In recognition of exceptional business success. A true partner in providing outstanding business solutions to customers - Microsoft Dynamics (on the right in the photo)



   Tempo Zero ERP gestionale


CRM 2011 Online e Onpremise





Tempo Zero

Choose Tempo Zero 2009 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and you will have numerous advantages, including:

  •  rapid start-up at known times and costs
  •  multiple functions
  •  integration with existing applications
  •  gradual change-over
  •  consolidated experience
  •  qualified assistance

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CRM 2011 Online e Onpremise

Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011

A powerful tool with which to handle customers (businesses and individuals), potential customers, products and services.

It is available both on premise and online.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011 online can be used to handle marketing, sales and after-sales assistance without worrying about the infrastructure …

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Take part in the events

Numerous events are organised by NAV-lab partners in various Italian cities to present Tempo Zero 2009, ERP and CRM.


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