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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The success of your company is directly linked to your ability to promptly respond to your customers’ changing requirements and to the policies of your rivals.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM  is a user-friendly solution for your sales, marketing and customer care departments. Full details of your customers will be available to help you make the right decisions.

If you are to gain and maintain a competitive edge, you need information that is available any time, anywhere. This means that you need a tool that imposes new communication standards in your relations with customers: MICROSOFT DYNAMICS CRM .

Microsoft Dynamics CRM  helps you reach the following targets:

  • High-impact marketing campaigns and efficient, consistent communication using Microsoft Dynamics CRM  for Marketing
  • Increased sales force productivity, implementation and uniformity of best practices for operators, using Microsoft Dynamics CRM  for Sales
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction level using Microsoft Dynamics CRM  for Customer Care

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0


With Microsoft Dynamics CRM your company will be able to:

  • plan better
  • get an overall view of customers
  • establish the correct marketing mix
  • handle operations more easily
  • develop more efficient campaigns
  • achieve real-time visibility
  • present personalised offers
  • develop lists more efficiently
  • develop more effective marketing campaigns
  • launch campaigns promptly
  • convert leads into business opportunities
  • convert information into "marketing intelligence"


With Microsoft Dynamics CRM your company will be able to:

  • handle operations more easily
  • understand customer requirements better
  • improve sales successes
  • increase sales performance
  • keep customers informed
  • analyze your sales performance
  • encourage interaction with customers more efficiently
  • a view of sales figures
  • control and automate sales processes
  • communicate information effectively
  • convert information into "sales intelligence"


With Microsoft Dynamics CRM your company will be able to:

  • maintain a superior quality service
  • carry out operations more efficiently
  • automate customer care processes
  • solve problems quickly and precisely
  • obtain definite information
  • integrate with third-party solutions
  • integrate with Microsoft Customer Care Framework





Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Online Cloud computing


Microsoft Dynamics CRM works like the other Microsoft applications, whether it uses an online Microsoft-hosted or a partner provider-hosted version or a local installation.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online you can implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM simply, rapidly and conveniently.

The online version can be used as a pilot project prior to its in-house installation or without time limits to cut costs and reduce the work load of IT personnel.

Local distribution is ideal if you intend to get a highly personalised CRM solution or integrate it fully with an existing infrastructure.

What’s more, as requirements change, you can easily switch from the online configuration to a local installation or vice versa.