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Change direction with TEMPO ZERO 2009 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Thanks to NAV-lab’s Tempo Zero 2009 solution, the start-up of Microsoft Dynamics NAV takes place according to known times and costs.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) is chosen by company managers who need to monitor simply and immediately all the operations associated with business management (finance and administration, production, distribution, relations with customers and suppliers, analysis and reporting, e-commerce) in order to achieve increased competitiveness.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the flexible, integrated and continually evolving management solution

Product evolution is described in detail in the product roadmap presented by Microsoft: new investments and releases scheduled up to 2017.

roadmap di Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Below is an overview of the features of theMicrosoft Dynamics NAV

Novità Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2

NAV  (Navision) allows improved productivity thanks to RoleCentre  designed on the basis of each user’s actual work method.

 With  (Navision) you can easily access display pages and business processes based on a specific role in an area that contains all the operations associated with each user. A role-based user interface can be used to display key information and identify work priorities.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the innovative ERP that enhances your company’s potential and convert today’s challenges into growth opportunities.

Management software packages are an indispensable tool for companies that intend to automate their business processes and increase productivity. Microsoft Dynamics NAV  (Navision) meets these requirements to perfection.


The main advantages for those who choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) are summarized below:

  • Increased productivity thanks to a simple intuitive interface that allows the user to access the required information quickly and easily.
  • Operations completed more quickly thanks to Microsoft Office data export functions. You can work easily with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and its Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel export functions to access information, and analyse and share them with other users.
  • Quicker strategic decision-making process. Microsoft Business Intelligence functions provide the user with the information required to make the correct decision at the right time. The result is improved management process control and response to changes.
  • Solutions tailored to specific operating needs thanks to open architecture and a wide ecosystem of solutions by sector as well as ad hoc personalisation options provided by NAV-lab. You will be able to expand Microsoft Dynamics NAV and meet the company’s specific requirements.


Main features of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV  (Navision):

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Increased efficiency thanks to an intuitive user interface similar to that used in other Microsoft products
  • Simple personalisation
    With Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can easily personalize tables, reports and user pages. You can also link MS Dynamics NAV to third-party software programmes for optimal business management.
  • Specific solutions by market sector
    The NAV-lab Microsoft-certified partner can provide qualified support in implementing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution and help the company benefit from a complete ecosystem of offers for a specific market sector.
  • Integration with other Microsoft products and technology
    Investments in technology are optimised by integration with other Microsoft products and technology, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows SharePoint Services, BizTalk Server and Windows Live Local Search programmes. Compatibility with SQL Server 2005 increases the system’s critical data retrieval capacity. SQL Server Reporting Services also allows more effective and complex analyses.
  • Rapid implementation
    Rapid and effective implementation thanks to the NAV-lab solution: Tempo Zero – Application models
  • Multi-language and multi-currency product
    As you can work inside the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system using more than one language and more than one currency, the company can extent its business beyond national boundaries. The system supports more than 40 languages.


The following image shows the Microsoft Dynamics NAV  three-level architecture, as follows:

    Architettura Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  1. client level - provides access to role-tailored data and processes;
  2. sever level - contains rapid, convenient integrations with other applications;
  3. database level - based on the SQL Server, one of the most robust and reliable database platforms available today.



Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers an intuitive work environment that is based on business work method studies and reproduces the familiar aspects of other Microsoft products. Unprecedented user experience includes access via the Role Centre page to role-tailored business displays and processes that provide users with information and tools suitable for specific jobs.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 9 is supplied with 21 ready-installed Role Centres that are optimised for the main professional functions to allow employees to organise and classify their activities in order of priority and increase their productivity and efficiency.







Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Increase you company’s potential and convert challenges into an opportunity for growth.

Long-term evolution

Microsoft has established an evolved roadmap of NVA (Navision) in forthcoming versions up to 2017

NAV exploits the advantages of the Microsoft platform

NAV (Navision) is integrated with products such as Microsoft SQL Server, Office SharePoint Server, Office.

Integration with existing systems

A powerful Microsoft.NET base, three-level architecture and web services allow easy integration of Dynamics NAV (Navision) with existing systems, data sharing among the various applications, and the development of new functions.

Global Solution

NAV (Navision) is available in 46 different locations


  • Role Centre
  •  Financial Management
  •  Production Management
  •  Supply Chain Management
  •  Customer Assistance
  • Management
  •  Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  •  Job Order Management