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Microosft Dynamics NAV Apcoa Parking SPA

Microosft Dynamics NAV Truestar Group

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online e Onpremise

Online Cloud computing


CRM 2011 is available both On-premise and Online



The innovative ERP that increases your company’s potential and converts today’s challenges into opportunities for growth.

Thanks to Tempo Zero 2009 by NAV-lab and its vertical packages, start-up of this international ERP is possible with known times and costs.




The proposed solutions help increase productivity, dynamism and competitiveness. They are easy to use, flexible and scaleable to company needs.

NAV-lab customers who use them all agree that the change-over has helped them in tackling today’s market challenges.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and CRM 2013

Tempo Zero 2013 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Tempo Zero: NAV link with Doc-Finance


Verticali NAV-lab vertical packages:

Vertical markets


NAV-lab:  the strength of shared experience

The exchange of know-how on best experiences achieved with Microsoft Dynamics projects allows us to continually improve and extend our offer.

The R&D laboratory organised by NAV-lab encompasses all the best knowledge and resources – dynamics experts – working within the consortium. The R&D laboratory has created and keeps improving its solutions to support SMEs who intend to use ERP and/or CRM.
As a result of this, it has created Tempo Zero 2013 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision).

Tempo Zero  is the solution that enables the NAV (Navision) ERP to be as close as possible to common requirements of businesses in Italy. Tempo Zero  offers tangible value added to customers at the start-up and following stages.

The R&D laboratory has also developed the Tempo Zero connector for NAV (Navision) with DocFinance, an application for early business treasury management, which contains integrated telematic remote banking systems.











Technological Solutions

NAV-lab fully supports the overall vision of ICT technologies that make the Microsoft offer really unique. It is the basis used to change the organisation: the use of technology makes the work of internal human resources easier and immediate. 

Tecnologia Microsoft

 The network offers through its partners certified competences to start up ERP systems natively integrated with Messaging & Collaboration (Microsoft Exchange Server), the company portal (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server), with Windows Mobile systems and Business Intelligence.


Services offered

Network partners offer all the professional services required to start up an information system successfully and guarantee a high standard of quality.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Application Assistance Services comprise:
  • advisory activities and corporate process analysis
  • study and development of custom projects
  • training on and after start-up
  • service and maintenance

ICT infrastructure management services comprise:
  • design activities and the creation of networks
  • server configuration and installation
  • computer safety management
  • technical assistance and post-installation system integration