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Tempo Zero per Microsoft Dynamics

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Tempo Zero 2013

Change direction with Tempo Zero 2013!

Tempo Zero per Microsoft Dynamics   for   Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2

With Tempo Zero 2013 it is easier for company managers to opt for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Tempo Zero 2013 is known to be the model that allows any type of company to start up Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 quickly and easily!

Tempo Zero 2013 can create a prototype based on real data, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) ERP is upgraded with numerous add-on functions that bring it closer to the way of working typical of Italian companies.

lThe Tempo Zero 2013 Business Process Modeller for Microsoft Dynamics NAV adapts quickly to specific business processes.

This means that Tempo Zero 2013 also helps cut costs and provide known start-up times.

The many functions are constantly updated and improved: they are greatly appreciated by our customers as they make their day-to-day work much easier.

Tempo Zero 2013 has been created by our R&D laboratory and is being continually improved on the basis of the invaluable experience with NAV projects acquired by NAV-lab partners.

Investments, experience and shared knowledge in NAV-lab R&D to create Tempo Zero.

Company-wide awareness that collaborating and sharing experiences and resources helps create technologically innovative solutions is the concept behind the Tempo Zero software developed by the NAV-lab R&D laboratory, which comprises the best Dynamics experts out of the 300 or more operating in the Local Units.

Tempo Zero is continuously upgraded thanks to the sharing of investments to develop start-up methods, the production of specialised and vertical add-on software, integration with portal technologies, unified messaging and document management.

Applied advanced technology that makes Tempo Zero extremely flexible. 

Tempo Zero 2013: main advantages

  • automates and speeds up integration with other applications
  • allows the creation of a prototype based on the company’s real data
  • can be tailored to meet specific company requirements
  • develops in line with the company’s business model
  • comes with a product configurator
  • handles digital document storage using the Microsoft SharePoint portal
  • allows management control
  • controls the Quality System
  • integrates Microsoft Dynamics with sophisticated collaboration, sharing and process design tools.

Numerous Tempo Zero 2013 add-on functions in the following areas:













Numerous functions with Tempo Zero 2013!

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Tempo Zero 2009 per Microsoft Dynamics NAV

In the image: with the Business Process Modeller the operator has access to all individual Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) functions via a graphical representation of the company’s process flow